CounterPunch! Documentary


Yahoo Sports: "How a Joe Rogan rant inspired an Olympic boxing hopeful to make one last run at the Games"


Destination: Team USA Documentary 

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Special guest on SPORTS NATION

🥊Championships 🥊 

2008 US Men's National Champ

2009 Golden Gloves National Champ

2009 PAL National Champ

2009 Ringside Worlds Champ

2010 US Men's National Champ

2010 PAL National Champ

2010 Ringside Worlds Champ

2011 Golden Gloves National Champ

2011 Ringside Worlds Champ

2011 PAL National Champ

2012 Olympic Trials Champ

2013 US Men's National Champ

2013 Ringside Worlds Champ

2013 Golden Gloves National Champ

2014 US Men's National Champ

2014 Ringside Worlds Champ

2015 Ringside Worlds Champ

2016 US Men's National Champ

2016 Olympic Trials Champ

2017 Ringside Worlds Champ

2017 Golden Gloves National Champ


Sports Illustrated: "10 potential first-time U.S. Olympians to watch ahead of Rio 2016"

FORBES: Boxing, Veganism, And The Key To Never Giving Up

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Rolling Stones: Awesome, the 'Taylor Swift of Boxing'

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